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928 254 9088
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Welcome to Sedona Midwife’s gentle, holistic and supportive Home Birth and Women’s Health Care services. As a midwife I believe that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes and that every woman knows in her heart how to birth her baby. Her home is the perfect place for one of the greatest experiences in her life. Natural childbirth empowers women.

Midwife means “with women”, supporting women through their lifetime. I am a certified nurse midwife, a women’s health nurse practitioner and a certified breast feeding counselor. I believe in
"I am dedicated to providing holistic and compassionate care to women and their families”
providing holistic women’s health care as well as in keeping birth natural and non-interventive. I provide health care for women from adolescence to menopause, supporting women in promoting their own wellness and making informed decisions about their healthcare.

As a certified nurse midwife I am educated in nursing and midwifery and nationally certified by the American College of Nurse Midwives. I am also licensed by the State of Arizona and have full prescriptive authority.


As we trust the flowers
to open to new life,
so can we trust in birth
Harriette Hardigan


Christa made the pregnancy and birth a beautiful experience. She was very supportive of our wants and needs and offered good suggestions. I found Christa to be generous and accommodating. My first birth was in the hospital- to have the birth in the water and at home was so much more relaxed and comfortable. We loved it - and Christa, it's like she is part of our family now!

Anna, Cornville



As a first time mom I was nervous of the unknown journey to come. Christa helped me (and my husband) have a blissful pregnancy and the birth I had hoped for. She is very knowledgeable and great for people who are curious. Not only answer your questions she will teach you about it too!
She is very generous and thoughtful. She went out of her way multiple times to make sure we were taken care of, even in ways that wouldn't be considered her “job”. Our experience was very positive and we plan on using Christa if we have future children.
Amanda, Cottonwood



As seasonal workers my fiancé and I move every 6 months. We didn't know where we'd be for the winter/spring of 2015 to have our baby. We were lucky to land in the Sedona area, and even luckier to land Christa as our midwife. She is passionate, knowledgeable, approachable, professional, calm, cool, caring and collected. All the things you want in a midwife! Having a background as a Registered Nurse, she brings a vast knowledge of modern medicine while balancing this with a use of herbs, supplements and an open mind. Paula and Christa are a beautiful, balanced team. Paula brings years of experience and a nurturing midwife touch, while Christa brings her extensive medical knowledge and her pure passion for midwifery.

Honestly, I felt I received everything I could have asked for and more from Sedona Midwife Services. Christa was flexible and generous in working with us on a price and payment plan. She was patient and understanding in working with me as a client, and I admit I wasn't the easiest client! I always came with a battalion of questions. I had my pregnancy challenges and faced some difficult decisions. Yet, despite my stubbornness (which, admittedly, led me to differ from her advice), Christa remained very patient and respectful, always offering her professional recommendations while honoring my freedom to make the ultimate decison.

This is what I most appreciated about christa: she gave me her opinion - with diplomacy, directness and clarity (and without pushiness, ego or intimidation) while at the same time respecting mine and allowing me to make the decisons that felt right to me.

When it came time for the labor, the birth went beautifully. Christa was great. She gave my fiancé and I all the space we needed to be in the experience ourselves, and only intervened when it was necessary. I felt she did her job perfectly. You hire a midwife, not to be the controlling director of your labor, nor to be a removed, uninvolved witness, but to be an overseer: someone to make sure it stays on a successful course and only to guide that course, if necessary, with the knowledge and tools they're equipped with. This was Christa and Paula to a t. They quietly melted into the background when I was able to steer my own course, and then they gracefully jumped to the helm and guided me with their coaching and tools when I fell off course. It was an amazing birth, and we were blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby born at home. What more could I ask for? Nothing, but with Christa I got even more. She went above and beyond even after the birth by doing such touching things as making a print of the placenta for me, drying the umbilical cord into a heart and even framing it for me! I also took advantage of her placenta encapsulation services, which I cannot recommend enough (they were a godsend for me). She offers encapsulation, tinctures and homeopathic remedies - healing medicine to last a lifetime - truly amazing! Lastly, the time she spent with me in the check ups after the birth was really meaningful. There was one check up on day 3, where she just sat down with my family and I to share a spontaneous post birth 'debreifing'. There was something immensely healing in sharing this loving, open exchange of our reflections of the birth. It helped me integrate the experience more wholly.

I really value all the time she took with me (an hour at each meeting, sometimes more), the care and attention she gave, the time she spent in our home and the way she coached and supported me through the labor and birth. A doctor doesn't even compare! I can't imagine it being any other way.

P.S. Please use Christa's vast network of local resources, it is a powerhouse! Definitely take advantage of her recommendations (from birth photography to hypnobirthing classes to lactation consultant to massage, acupuncture and more!)
R. M. March 2015