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Free placenta encapsulation and tincture if you choose homebirth with us!


Welcome to Sedona Midwife’s gentle, holistic and supportive Home Birth and Women’s Health Care services. As a midwife I believe that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes and that every woman knows in her heart how to birth her baby. Her home is the perfect place for one of the greatest experiences in her life. Natural childbirth empowers women.

Midwife means “with women”, supporting women through their lifetime. I am a certified nurse midwife, a women’s health nurse practitioner and a certified breast feeding counselor. I believe in
"I am dedicated to providing holistic and compassionate care to women and their families”
providing holistic women’s health care as well as in keeping birth natural and non-interventive. I provide health care for women from adolescence to menopause, supporting women in promoting their own wellness and making informed decisions about their healthcare.

As a certified nurse midwife I am educated in nursing and midwifery and nationally certified by the American College of Nurse Midwives. I am also licensed by the State of Arizona and have full prescriptive authority.


As we trust the flowers
to open to new life,
so can we trust in birth
Harriette Hardigan




Christa made the pregnancy and birth a beautiful experience. She was very supportive of our wants and needs and offered good suggestions. I found Christa to be generous and accommodating. My first birth was in the hospital- to have the birth in the water and at home was so much more relaxed and comfortable. We loved it - and Christa, it's like she is part of our family now!

Anna, Cornville