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928 254 9088
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Women’s Health Care


Well Women’s Care

Midwife means “with women”, Sedona Midwife serves women through their lifetime. I strongly believe in informed choices for your healthcare. The well woman exam is a time to discuss health information and concerns, share knowledge and empower you to take responsibility for your health.

"I can take care of you health care needs throughout your lifetime”

We will discuss questions related to nutrition, sexuality, stress, parenting, family planning, hormones and any other concerns you have. I offer an extensive and gentle exam that usually is scheduled for an hour to have enough time to address all questions and concerns. I will collect all necessary labs and can recommend or prescribe medications for most common conditions related to woman’s care such as birth control, vaginal or bladder infections in addition to other common problems like seasonal infections. When a health need is outside of my scope of practice I will refer you to the appropriate provider.


An annual exam usually consists of:

  • Discussion of specific concerns
  • Review of health history
  • Discussion of life-style habits
  • Laboratory testing if needed any necessary prescriptions
  • special testing if needed
  • review of alternative or modern medical treatments.
  • education and counseling

I recommend that you make notes about any questions you have, schedule your appointment one or two weeks after you expect your period.

Here are recommendations, remember it’s always your decision what you want to do to:

  • Yearly physical exam including skin exam (can be provided by your midwife)
  • Dental exam twice each year
  • Eye exam, baseline by 40 then every 2-4 years

Cervical Cancer Screening

First at the age of 21, then every three years until 30. After 30 every five years with high-risk HPV testing.
Pelvic exam depending on risk assessment


Breast Cancer Screening

Clinical Breast exam with yearly physical exam
If there is a history of breast cancer in the family mammogram starting at age 40, if no history of breast cancer mammogram starting at age 50 every 2 years after that. If you are opposed to mammograms we can discuss the option of thermo scanning



Cholesterol every five years starting at age 40
Blood sugar evaluation every 3 years starting at age 45, if there is a history of gestational diabetes


Osteoporosis Screening

Bone Density, if at risk at age 50, if not at risk starting at age 65 then


Colon Cancer Screening

  • Fecal Occult Blood Test starting at age 50, then every year
  • Flexible Sigmoidoscopy starting at age 50, then every 3-5 years
  • Colonoscopy starting at age 50, then every 10 years


Basic screening tests I can perform or refer if needed:

  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • family planning
  • infertility
  • IUD placement
  • breast cancer, mammograms
  • depression or emotional problems
  • cholesterol and lipid levels
  • vitamin levels
  • thyroid testing
  • anemia
  • diabetes
  • menopausal and perimenopausal hormone levels
  • osteoporosis
  • genetic screening or counseling
  • colon cancer
  • pelvic floor evaluation



Family Planning and Preconception Care

Conscious contraception choices can make your family planning less stressful. I can provide you with personalized counseling to help you decide on the most effective, appropriate and fitting method for you. Whether it is natural family planning, oral contraception, a vaginal insert, a patch or an intra-uterine device.


Menopause Care

I provide a complete range of peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause care. Every woman experiences menopause different. Some women experience many of the signs of menopause, like hot flashes, night sweats that disturb sleep, or feeling like they're losing their memory, while others have very few and some women don’t experience them at all. We will find the right solution for you to minimize the negative impact of the way you feel at menopause. Increased exercise, bio-identical hormones, yoga and meditation are just a few examples of solutions that will help you move through these years with the least discomfort possible. We will begin with most natural approaches to deal with the symptoms you're experiencing.




Annual Exam $50

Additional fees for labwork might apply